This article details, step by step, how to uninstall Packflow.


First, you need to start our setup. There are two ways:

  1. Open the executable file "MicaSystems.Packflow.Setup.exe" from the setup folder (by default "C:\Program Files\Mica-Systems\Packflow Setup").
  2. Go to the "Programs and Features" panel of Windows, right click on "Mica-Systems Packflow" and choose "Uninstall/Change".

Choose "Uninstall Packflow" and click "Next".

Uninstallation 1

Click "Next".

Uninstallation 2

On the following screen, you can choose to keep the IIS sites hosting applications or not.

Anyway, when you will click on "Next", all Packflow components will be removed from the server (services, sites, registry keys, files).

Uninstallation 3

The next screen shows the progression of the uninstallation.

Uninstallation 4

Click "Next".

Uninstallation 5
Note Note

Packflow Designer and Manager are uninstalled separately.

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