Design applications first

With our visual editor, model your application content, permissions, workflows, forms and much more. Maximize your efficiency by automatizing these repetitive coding tasks.


Customize and extend your projects using real code

Hexapp generates application with types for entities, forms, MVC, services and more. Benefit from multiple customization entry points using a rich API to leverage the full potential of .NET framework.

All the power of implementation remains under your control.


Build and deploy applications seamlessly

Hexapp takes care of everything: packaging, uploading, deployment, site and database schema ensuring. From source to runtime, your application is ready to use in one click.


Manage applications in an all-inclusive environment

Take profit of many runtime features, user interfaces, services and administration capabilities, all built on the Microsoft stack and hosted on premise or on your private cloud.

What is Hexapp ?

Hexapp is a low-code platform that empowers the conception of collaborative applications.

  • Build enterprise workflows and content management.
  • Embrace agility through incremental and rapid application development.
  • Keep a high quality level thanks to code generation enhanced by a powerful engine.

Why Hexapp ?

Digitalization actors are today faced with a dilemma :

  • Turnkey solutions are cheap and quickly delivered.
  • From scratch projects offer tailored features.

Hexapp's innovative approach optimizes the delivery process while preserving all the flexibility of projects made from scratch.

Quickly responding to user expectations increases the chances of software long-term adoption.

Efficiency × Flexibility = Satisfaction + Adoption = Project success

Get the best of both worlds to reveal the true power of digital transformation.

Who is it for ?

Hexapp is for business analysts and developers seeking an efficient and flexible way to satisfy end-users.

Our platform is ideal for form-based applications such as customer claims, KPI, document management, checklists, incident register, but can also be used as a CMS (ticketing, employees or clients database, stock control, website back office...). See our latest creations here New window.

They are using Hexapp

Many users have already adopted and are enjoying Hexapp applications.

Who is behind Hexapp ?

TICUP New window is a tech company founded by software engineers specialized in digital transformation and management solutions.

We explore innovative ways to contribute creating great business software.

Hexapp was built capitalizing on many years of field experience.

Hexapp excels at digital transformation

Already interested ? Contact us or give it a try !