We never forget Ergonomics

The user interface of Hexapp has been designed as simple as possible to minimize the learning curve of new users.

However, power users are given the possibility to master applications, relying on advanced features.


Simple Layout

Forms benefit from a simple layout. The most relevant actions are always apparent, a navigation menu improves the sections browsing and the controls are kept simple.


(Comments, sharing and notifications)

All items can be commented, giving a social dimension to workflows and content. Notifications keep you up to date on events you may care about.

Item Administration

An administration panel gives generic information about the item and its last events. When a workflow is available, its state and tasks can also be easily managed.

Concurrency control

Hexapp prevents two users from modifying the same form at the same time.

Waiting users receive real time updates with latest data and edition unlocked.


The previous interfaces are only proposed by default. Custom pages and custom forms can be made by developers on each application, and even replace the default homepage. This allows adaptation and extension of the user's navigation to suit at best each situation.


Along with default themes, Hexapp offers to all users the possibility to customize the UI appearance with a handy dialog. You can adapt the pages colors in minutes to match your company's graphic charter. It is even possible to use a different style by application or department.

Customizable GridView

Our gridview component will help you to expose your data in many ways, proposing features like multi-content views, data grouping, aggregations, content creation/edition/suppression (inline or via frame), row selection to apply custom actions, or user options like sorting, paging, filtering.

Quick Access widget

Handy widgets like Quick Access control allow to easily expose data in custom forms.

Dashboards & widgets

Power users can create their own dashboards with generic and custom widgets, then share them with colleagues. This way everyone can compose their own experience.

Widget palette

Hexapp provides a standard set of widgets for various use cases. These widgets can be dragged from the "widget palette" in the right panel of the editor.


Widgets can be arranged using familiar drag and drop operations.

Usual keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + Click (multiple selection), CTRL + Z (undo), CTRL + Y (redo) are also supported.

Flexible permissions

Dashboards can be public or personal (only visible by you).

Read & write permissions can also be configured in a more granular manner if desired.

Office integration

Data binding

Hexapp natively features Word QuickParts databinding, allowing to mail-merge documents with items data.

Views can be exported to Excel files, capable of synchronization with Hexapp.

Online Edition

Edit Microsoft Word documents online thanks to Hexapp's MS-Office-compliant WebDAV server.


Department administrators can use an interface to manage the roles of their application.

Moreover, a full set of tools are provided to site administrators, including general settings, Users and Membership management, Logs and statistics, data export features and more.

More highlights


Responsive developments lead to user satisfaction.

Hexapp empowers agile methods by allowing fast-design improvements, easy customizations and one-step deployments.

Easing the work of developers makes everyone happy.


The Hexapp engine has been optimized to load and render pages quickly, even the most complex forms.

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