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Low-code is a booming trend of modern digitalization based on powerful ideas.

Hexapp unifies these concepts in an original way that makes projects successful.

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Hexapp embodies the most powerful concepts of modern digitalization

Model driven

In a Model Driven platform, developers use a graphical tool to edit a "model". This model defines how the data is structured, how forms are displayed and various other aspects of an application. This model is then run by a platform that will turn it into a concrete business application.

By providing a full set of prefab features, these platforms provide a huge gain of productivity but this approach lacks flexibility and can leave developers powerless.

Code centric

Using code centric tools, developers can write or even generate the source code of a concrete business application. This code can then be customized freely. This freedom brings a great flexibility, as developers stay masters of their code.

Yet these generated applications alone lack the level of orchestration, reliability and shared feature set that a model driven platform can offer.

Case workflows

Workflows drive activities within organizations. They define how people collaborate and exchange information. Workflows require great supervision tools to be as optimal as possible.

Hexapp integrates the "Case Management" workflow paradigm that is the most suited for tailor-made applications. Case workflows focus on the various aspects and activities (records, documents, tickets, projects …) a business may handle and allow adaptable interactions between them.


All web applications need common, low-level features to meet architectural requirements. While many components provide these capabilities, they still have to be put together into a working stack. Integration, version compatibility issues, breaking changes, or lack of optimization between frameworks waste valuable resources.

Hexapp addresses these challenges by providing a complete, operational set of components establishing a reliable architecture foundation for web applications.

Hexapp takes the best of these key concepts and combines them harmoniously

Developers can finally embrace limitless agility and express all the power of their creativity.

Our architecture has already proven its effectiveness

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