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How To edit build settings

This article lists the possible settings that can be used to customize how the application client files (.ts, .js, .css, .less) are handled by Packflow Manager.

Build config

In every folder of the Visual Studio project containing client files (Forms, Css, Javascript, Pages, Parts), you can create a "build.cfg" file.

As you can see, three (optional) settings can currently be used to:

  • Choose which TypeScript files are built. Note that this setting only applies when the "Build TypeScript" box is checked in Manager.
  • Specify a list of Css, Less or Javascript files that must be minified by Manager. The resulting files are renamed with the following format "NAME.min.EXT".
  • Create bundles of client codes. The first file of the list is the name of the resulting bundle file. Please note that you can specify the name of minified files in this list.
# The following settings impact how the current directory is built by Packflow Manager.

BuildTypeScriptFiles=* #Build all TypeScript files of this directory. This is the default value.
#BuildTypeScriptFiles=File1.ts;File2.ts #Only build the specified TypeScript files.
#BuildTypeScriptFiles=  #Do not build any TypeScript file of this directory.

Minify=ApplicationHub.js;ApplicationRest.js #Minify the specified list of JS/CSS/LESS files.
Bundle=Bundle1.js;CustomFile1.js;CustomFile2.js #Creates a bundle named "Bundle1.js" containing the specified files.
Bundle=Bundle2.js;CustomFile3.js;CustomFile4.js #Creates a bundle named "Bundle2.js" containing the specified files.

On each line, the text preceded by a # is considered as a comment (and is ignored).

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