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How To edit packaging settings

This article lists the possible settings that can be used to customize how the application package files (.pfpackage) are filled by Packflow Manager.

Packaging config

In every folder of the Visual Studio project containing files potentially packaged, you can create a "packaging.cfg" file.

As you can see, three (optional) settings can currently be used to ignore files or directories during the application packaging.

# The following settings impact the creation of the .pfpackage file.
IgnoreDirectory=1 # The directory will not be included at all.
IgnoreSubDirectories=Dir1;Dir2 # The specified directories of the current directory will not be included.
IgnoreFiles=File1.ext;File2.ext # The specified files of the current directory will not be included.

On each line, the text preceded by a # is considered as a comment (and is ignored).

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